Program Crimean Atlantis

Science-Technic program “Crimean Atlantis”

Objective of the program:

Creation science-city on the base of technologies XXI century in the area of Meganom in Crimea and in neutral waters of Black Sea.


Blocks of the program:

Block A: Gas and other energetics of Black Sea. In the base of project Black Sea gas hydrate research and technology of its industrial production. The volume of gas hydrate in the Crimean shelf can be estimated at $ 7 trillion. In scientific and technical alliance unit comprises:

  • Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Sevastopol (research vessel «Professor Vodyanitsky»)
  • Nicholas University of Shipbuilding (Mining Technology hydrate)
  • Theodosia CB “Sudokompozit”
  • And others science-centers and Institutions

Block B: Transport of the future. WIG production of new generation. Wipe the car market, helicopters, small and large aircraft, as this type of equipment is more economical, reliable and safe. The market volume of at least $ 10 trillion. In alliance includes:

  • AT & T — Arctic Trade and Transport Company (Aquaglide-5)
  • «Sky + Sea» (Factory)
  • Theodosia CB «Sudokompozit»
  • Leading marine aerospace companies

Block C: Production of environmentally friendly homes EcoHouse series «Star Ark» with autonomous life support systems in the form of a flying saucer with a diameter of 18 meters, can withstand any natural disasters. Create Micropolis based on them all over the world, including deserts, Antarctic and the world’s oceans. The plans include provision of more 100 million people (20 million families * 150 000 $). We estimate the market at $ 3 trillion. In alliance involved:

  • Academy of Global GeoEcological Security of the Planet
  • Leading marine aerospace companies

Block D: Expeditionary Travel company «Crimean Atlantis» and Museum . Salvage the Black Sea. Construction Akvagrade in the Black Sea , near Cape Megan in the ancient sunken city and coral atoll network plavgostinnits , ekranoportom and yacht-club . Oceanarium rare , relict forms of life ( Giant snakes, dragons , Reptiles ) . Cinemas future technologies. Area of the planned facility of 100 square kilometers in the form of reconstruction of ancient Atlantis. Scientific — Technical Production Complex . Publication of books, Film Production , Manufacturing Energy devices based on Tesla GelioFitotronnye Systems (Production of agricultural products and fish). The total volume of services of $ 1 trillion.

Block E: Oasis. Preparation and delivery of fresh water. Perform research expeditions freshwater resources in different regions of the planet . Participation in space programs , in particular the » Project Mars» on space icebergs asteroid belt . Supply of ice in the Antarctic region of the Arabian desert in a volume of 10 cubic kilometers of $ 20 billion . Production of seawater desalination systems from 100 to 1000 cubic meters per day , the volume of 100,000 units . 1 million per unit. The market volume of $ 100 billion .
«Project Mars» to create an atmosphere on Mars. Transportation on Mars space icebergs asteroid belt using energy Tesla. Relocation of the population of the Earth to Mars , in particular China ( project is under calculation and analysis . An experimental test site near Cape Megan ) . Creating a floating city , the space laboratory diameter 1 kilometer by 5000 people , including for the development of space tourism. Project are leading :

  • Cosmonauts
  • Scientists
  • Inventors
  • Businessmen

Block F: Medicine of the Future. Medical and Biological manufacture products based on technologies Phytoncidal using essential oils , resins and minerals to restore health and rejuvenate the body. Universal medical-cosmetic «Avicenna TM» 100,000 tons per year at a price of $ 30 for 1kg. The market volume of $ 3 billion a year. Phytoncidal bioresonant inhalers with sanatsella 100 million annually at a price of $ 10 per piece. The market volume of $ 1 billion a year. Balsam «Secrets Meganom» for rejuvenation 10 million bottles for $ 100 for a piece . The market volume of $ 1 billion a year. Minipark set «Earthly Paradise» (5000 different plants area of ​​10 square meters) at the price of $ 5000 for 1 billion people. $ 5 trillion market. Alliance:

  • Temiriazev Academy
  • Science-Technic center GelioPhytotron
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Scientists

Block G: Investition block.

  • Creation International Baking Bring together investors aboard an offshore regime in Cyprus.
  • Produce TeslaMoney in equivalent 7 trillion dollars with real resource.
  • Creation Shareholder Expedition-Travel Company with registered capital of 10 billion dollars. Issue of shares at $ 10 billion.
  • International Intellectual Development Bank Protection and cities of the world


To ensure project near Cape Meganom created a training center «Star Ark» Academy of Global Security Geoecological Planet together with the International Model UN and constructed 4 Micropolis with production of scientific and technical complex. Business Plan program is attached.

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