Business-Plan Crimean Atlantis

Business Plan creation expedition-travel Company “Crimean Atlantis”

        I.            Creation and development Joint Stock expedition-touristic company “Crimean Atlantis”
To the start we need 10 000 000 dollars investition. This investment includes creation 2 WIGs (ekranoplans) Burevestnik type on 24 places with professional medical equipment and 30 WIGs (ekranoplans) Aquaglide type on 6 places tourist destination. For the trial market and preparation of serial production, to make expedition around the world with showing opportunities of WIGs, filming promo movies and presentation.

  1. Manufacturing of new age WIGs (Burevestnik VSA-24, Aquaglide-6 on our Factories)

i.      We can make 100 Aquaglide-6 per year

ii.      We can make 10 Burevestnik-24 per year

II.            Manufacturing minihotels on the base EcoHouse “StarArc” in the shape of a flying plate with diameter 18 meters with autonomous life support systems anywhere in the world. (Fresh Water, Electricity Tesla, Utilization of the new generation, heating and Conditioning) Creation of production and exhibition Micropolis «Star Ark» of minihotels near Cape Meganom in the village Mindalnoe. Need to start 5 million dollars of investment.

  1. We producу 10 prototypes and create a mini-tourist complex «Oasis» multifunctional use to make promo video, show all opportunities and make presentation.

III.            Organization expeditionary travel company. We need one million dollars of investment to produce own “TeslaMoney” in equivalent 7 trillion dollars. To organize expedition expedition we need 3 million dollars of investment.

  1. Expedition on the board of Science-Boat “Professor Vodianitsky” and Icebreaker “Krasin” to clarify stocks of Gas in World Ocean (Black Sea, sea ​​of ​​Okhotsk, Baltic Sea, Antarctic and Arctic Ocean )
  2. Producing own TeslaMoney in equivalent 7 trillion dollars secured gas and energy resources of the World Ocean.