For investors in english

Crimean Atlantis — International Science-Touristic Company in Neutral Waters

Threre are following directions of our company:

1) Future City Meganom (with great air and powerfull view)
2) Ekranoplans manufacturing and selling
3) Touristic ways on ekranoplans all over the world
4) Chartered flys on ekranoplans and others
5) Diving on the bathyscaphe for tourists and film-making companies in Atlantis
6) Floating hotel with diameter 1km and many little floating hotels with diameter 18m that are ready to storm
7) Real estate agency in Crimea
8) Own publishing house
9) Natural Medicine
10) Fresh Water (yes Fresh Water in Crimea its real)
11) Bank on the ship that will be converted to Intellectual bank
12) Technologies to collect gas from Black Sea and realize it
13) EcoTechnologies
14) New Age Energetics Tesla

We can invest:

1) Ships
2) intellectual contribution
3) bathyscaphe
4) services for other companies

We have posibilities to make working touristic object by the month. We can make expedition around the world on our Ship by the month.

We need:
1) Investments
2) Contracts with touristiс companies
3) Other

Technologies to collect gas from Black Sea Natural Medicine EcoTechnologies Projects of floating hotels Projects of ekranoplans Tesla Energetics

Ships Bathyskaphe Intellectual contribution Years of working

We are expect for 1 billion per year income

1) Sell Video-Production to Movie-Making Companies
2) Sell Contract to produce Ekranoplans on our manufatures
3) Sell Travel Routes on our ships (Expditions around the world, Expeditions in Antarctic and others)
4) Ekranoplans contract with Seychelles (negotiations are held)
5) Gas of the Black Sea

I think we can solve…

Investor must pay 10 000$ to make presentation and for the flying tickets to meet with him.